Server Rules

1. Local Chat is for Roleplay Only.

2. No silly character names, try to keep them good roleplay names. We welcome players from all over the world, but ask that your character name be able to be pronounced in English. European Medieval names are a good guide. For example these type of names are NOT acceptable “Littlepete” “Miniturtle” “Lordnick” “Sirmike” “Lisastewart” etc. We will ask people to reroll if the name is not acceptable. Admin do have the final say, so please try to be compliant.

3. English only in Public Channels.

4. Be nice to one another in game (unless it is roleplay)

5. If you really feel that you must curse in chat, please do not abbreviate it in any way, that way it does not avoid the filter for those who wish to use it.

6. No Public Markets are to be created, as it will take away from the Trade Day Events. However you can have a merchant on your own deed, or the deed where your MAIN character lives, people will travel to them if need be, also enhances roleplay.

7. At events please listen to event organizers.

8. Only one character per person is allowed at events.

9. The map is huge. Do not settle or deed or terraform within 30 tiles of another deeds perimeter unless you speak with the deed owner, and they agree, if they  agree then you must contact an admin before starting to build. If there is no deed there but you can see someones house etc, please also take it for granted they have not deeded yet due to funds. But the spot is still claimed, so respect 30 tiles away or talk to an admin first. When a deed does disband due to upkeep, you can always check the date it disbanded on the Settlement History at a token, if its less than 2-3 months since it disbanded, its too early to deed near it, we like to give people a chance just incase something happened in real life, you can always talk to a GM and they will use their discretion.

10. Mycelium is not to be casted randomly on the server. Those with deeds need to speak to an Admin before placing it on their deeds. This is a must.

11. No villagers are allowed to build fences, farms or any other type of structure in the perimeter of the deed you belong to without first talking to the mayor of your deed and even then if they agree, then you must contact an admin before commencing work (Even if it is the mayor wants to build in perimeter they must first contact an Admin and tell of their plans.) (Also see rule number 26)

12. NO Deeds or building or terraforming on Steppes or Tundra, the only old deed which is an exception is North Road Outpost, since that has been there a very very long time before the rule was made and is grandfathered now, although no more expanding deeds or terraforming into the Steppe or Tundra, if it is only a small amount you need to deed please contact a GM and they will look into it for you. Anyone not following this rule will have the possibility of their deeds being disbanded or items destroyed. Contact a GM if you are unsure.

13. The ONLY Client mod that is usable on Mystic Highlands is Live Map. If we do catch anyone else using another client mod, it will be instant banning, with no further questions asked since all people have access to these rules.

14. NO 3rd party programs are allowed to be used, no auto clickers, no macros, no macro mice, no unattended grinding, if you want to cheat please go to another server, if you are caught cheating in any of these above ways, you will not be logging into Mystic Highlands again.

15. Not sure how we missed posting this rule, its been known about for 2 months or more, so here is it posted. Mailboxes are strictly only used for mailing letters to one another, no selling goods to people through the mailing system, we will frown upon this greatly as travelling and meeting people is how its done here and promotes roleplay.

16. Under no circumstances are unique mobs to be trapped.

17. Stealing is totally disallowed on this server, I have seen too many people trying to say they were roleplaying, it is not roleplaying if both parties are not involved. If we find people stealing (even if from a non deeded settlement), and we can find out who did it (which we always can), the consequences will be severe. This is a 1x 1x non PvP server, it is already hard enough for people to do things without fools stealing hard gained things and blaming they are evil for roleplay. If someone has an off deed tree farm or farm and you can blatantly see it is their’s, remember, its always more friendly to ask if you can use them.

18. No one is allowed to have a deed perimeter or any structure or fences closer than 30 tiles from any portal. Any saddled horses or carts or wagons found left within 30 tiles of a portal unattended for more than 3 hours in the wilds will instantly be destroyed.

19. In Safehold Rock Mine, only new players without a deed can use this mine. There is strictly no reinforcing walls or floors, take any rock you mine with you, no BSBs or carts to be left in the Rock Mine area as it is prone to collapse and will probably all collapse once a week.

20. The biggest no no on Mystic Highlands, IF you find a Key to the Heavens, pass it straight to a GM please, if you use the key to the heavens yourself, you will be instantly banned from the server permanently. No penning in Uniques.

21. You may not become a Champion or a God on Mystic Highlands, anyone found to do so, whether on purpose or accident will be banned, it takes a long time to reach that status, so no excuse to not have read the rules here.

22. ALL Unique hunts are public events, they must be organized by “someone” and then have the event Date, Time and Meet place posted on the forums. They must give at least 1 real life weeks notice, to give everyone a chance. They must also be arranged for prime time to give the most people a chance to participate. No more than TWO uniques to be killed in a real week so as others have the chance to join in incase they cannot make some hunts due to real life (Just trying to keep it fair for all). Prime time on this server is 6.30pm – 8.30pm GMT. Weekends are best and can be co-ordinated to not interfere with Server Events, this way it gives the most amount of people on the server the chance to attend. GM’s will not intervene or arrange these events. However, they will make sure fair play to all is kept.

23. Under no circumstances can Sorcery Books be used yet, if you do happen to obtain one you are welcome to keep hold of it until there comes a time when and if we allow them to be used.

24. Maximum of 3 Ships per player (This includes alts) allowed to park at Safehold Docks. We have to keep some kind of order there. If a player has not logged in for 3 real months, then all of their ships will be deleted.

25. If anyone accidentally or exploits and gets their cart or wagon stuck on a 2nd floor or higher, please do not call a GM, we will no longer assist with this, it happens far too many times for us to feel comfortable keep doing it. It will either have to stay there, or you can destroy it if its a Wagon, if its a large cart you can fully unload it, unhitch the animals and drag the cart back down by hand. We have never done it ourselves in many years of Wurm.

26. If you want to create an OFF deed Farm, Tree Farm or Horse Pen, you may not fence or hedge it in at all, as its off deed, anyone may have access to it, if you wish to secure it, you must deed over it, the reasoning for this, many people have been inquiring about it, and their plans for their farms far exceeded their deed size and costs, so they were getting free land, secured. The exception to this rule is if your still new and do not yet have a deed, farms are ok, once you create your deed, you then fall into the same rule stated here. If you do harvest someone else’s tree’s or farms, please replant them. (Also See Rule 11).

27. If you do feel the need that you wish to create a desert somewhere on the server, you must first consult a GM for permission.

28. If you are doing treasure hunts please do not go around the server making fenced in safe area’s, this would soon get out of hand and we would have fenced area’s everywhere, it would also diminish the challenge of the treasure hunt.

29. Any type of auction, no loans, pay back laters or buying the item and selling it straight to your friend if you do not really want it is allowed, only bid on an item if its 100% for you.