Server Stats

Stats of the Server

1x skill gain
1x action timer
Custom Map
4096×4096 in size
102,500 mobs
65% aggressive
No free Deeds
Upkeep is enabled
Skills start at 1
Characteristics begin at 19.5
Starter gear, 10ql for everything
Priest restrictions
Sermons are disabled
Safehold – Starter city for new players to gain skill/money
Multiple Dungeons
No Trader
NPC Task Givers who pay out in coins.
NPC Pirates who buy gems.

Role-Play in local

Heavy on events

Winter – It gets very cold and thing are much harder to do during winter, crops stop growing during winter.
Winter Beasts – Wolves and Bears are hungry during winter due to lack of food and are often attacking Settlements.
Bank Balance РUsing /balance will display in the event window how much money you have in your bank.
Bounty – Kill or help kill mobs for coins.
Bounty on Bury – Bury mobs for coins.
Bounty check – Using /bounty tells you how much bounty you have earned since logging in.
Taxation – If you are offline for 3 weeks or more, the upkeep on your deed gets higher.
Libila – You can become a Libila Priest with some restrictions.
Skill gain control – Allows us to let Characteristics still gain after 30.
Season Monitor – Tells you how long until the next season, how long until the cold hits, how long until the next farm tick.
No Crop Decay – Fully grown crops will not decay, allowing for aesthetics.
Inbreed Warning – Gives a warning in event window if you are inbreeding.
Roleplay – Allows GMs to make announcements in the middle of screen during Roleplay events.
Recipes – We have a lot of custom recipes.
Graveyard – Our Graveyard has the dead rise every evening.
Arena – Allows GM to spawn mobs easily and quickly and introduces them on screen.
Fireplace – Allows fireplaces to be manually lit day or night.
Starter Gear – Allows us to manipulate what items and quality a new character starts with.
Many Custom Mission – We have many custom missions on the server.
Advanced Architecture – Allows players to make larger houses but is still based off Carpentry skill.
Retainers – Players can buy a Retainer Contract (similar to merchant), can dress them, make them say what they wish, make them do numerous tasks.
Taxidermy – Create preserved miniature animated copies of mobs or have them in their corpse positions.
Halloween – Get gifts from the Pumpkin King, Halloween recipes from Safehold Graveyard and the dead walk the earth on Halloween.
Merchants – Many merchants selling custom items and auto restocking.
Straw Bale Bed – A new craftable bed type, easy for new players to create and use, will grant a small amount of sleep bonus and has a nice graphic.
Variable Sleep Bonus – We have 3 different types of beds, each type and quality gives different amounts of sleep bonus when slept in.
Treasure Hunting – You can find treasure maps read the maps and go find the treasure chest, beware of treasure guardians.